Do you have a Property Manager that doesn’t return your calls or emails?

Do you have a Property Manager that won’t organise any maintenance for you?

Do you have a Property Manager that hasn’t inspected your property in the last 3 months?

Do you have a Property Manager that has not provided you with a comprehensive quarterly inspection report with detailed photos?

Do you have a Property Manager that won’t turn up to a Home Open or Private Viewing?

Do you have a Property Manager that won’t negotiate a reasonable rental in this current market?

Do you have a Property Manager that you can just ring up and ask for advice?

Does your Property Manager have a “zero” rent arrears rate?

Does your Property Manager manage your Trust Funds and Finances in addition to managing your property? Rental payments can be made on DEMAND at any time!

At Brooke Stone Properties we offer an “Exclusive Property Manager Service”.

When you rent a Brooke Stone Property you will receive your very own “Exclusive Property Manager who you will have access to 24/7 – GUARANTEED!

By renting a Brooke Stone Property, you will not only be renting  an exclusive property rental, but you will also receive your very own “Exclusive Property Manager” who will work with you to ensure you receive your entitlement to peace and the best quality accommodation being offered by the owner of their property.

I’m Sue Heggs, the Senior Property & Finance Manager at Brooke Stone Properties and I am offering you “Your Exclusive Property Manager” service to all Landlords and Tenants.    A  24/7 guaranteed service by contacting Sue on 0412 160 438. This is my private number, the number my family and friends call me on. I do not have a separate work phone that I turn off at 5pm and leave in the office over the weekend. My emails are accessible 24/7.    Often you will hear the “swish sound” as an email comes through in the early hours of the morning.

Landlords – ensure your property is in the right hands.—Tenants – ensure your rights as a tenant are being met.

If you would like to know more about “YOUR EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY MANAGER‘ service, contact  Sue Heggs on 412 160 438.

We have also restructured our fees – so no more “one or two weeks letting fees” being charged.

                                                                       The market has changed, so have our fees!


Brooke Stone Properties are renown for Sales and Auction Success.

Sales Consultants are employed by our company by “Invitation Only” and only the very best and the most motivated are chosen.

Hours of training in the art of negotiation is what makes Brooke Stone Consultants outstanding.  We are not here to accept any offer that is not substantial and must be within the parameters of what the owner expects to receive and what he/she is willing to accept.

Service and constant communication is the key to keeping the owner constantly aware of what is happening to what could be their most valuable possession.


“Please go back to the General Heading of “Investment” and read again of how we have made a lot of money for investors through straight purchase of sound investment properties located and researched by our team. – AND the Investment Syndicates for those who wish to spread the risk – or for those whom do not have access to lots of money”.


If you do not like us and our presentation .  Then appoint someone else !

But if you DON’T talk to us – You will Never- Ever Know –  WHY WE ARE THE BEST !

You have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE  by making a phone call.

Consider This :    We are a Specialist Sales Company who mainly only  list property by recommendation.  We make sure that we have no more listings than those to which we can devote 100% of our attention to ensure a quick sale at the maximum price.