“The Ten Most Important THINGS (Reasons) To Consider When Contemplating Selling!

  1. The most important thing to consider is – will the outcome from a sales transaction provide what you need to achieve, to be able to take the next step in your life?
  1. Have you considered ALL the alternatives?  A confidential private discussion with a Trained Specialist from Brooke Stone may present an alternative.
  1. In many cases Brooke Stone is invited to discuss sales tactics because we were referred by someone else  – and in a some cases owners may prefer that the sale was made “Off Market”.
  1. Brooke Stone Properties can provide a very “High Profile Glitzy Spectacular”that attracts buyers from local – interstate – and overseas – OR – provide a low profile marketing profile to get the results that you want without the high cost of “Glitz”.
  1. Have you considered selling by Auction?  Has the three main choices of sales marketing and the advantages and disadvantages been clearly explained to you?  Every property in every location needs to be rationalised and considered on its merit – in order to consider what method of sale will achieve the highest possible price in the shortest possible amount of time.


  1. Lots of people think that all real estate sales people are the same.  BUT the main difference in employing an average agent – and choosing an agent trained in negotiation could easily be a difference of  $10,000 – $50,000 – or even MORE in the selling price.
  1. A good agent should visit your property at least 2 weeks before going on to the market to advise you of all the ‘little things’to maximise the presentation to possible buyers.     Remember – You only get one chance to impress.  In selling real estate to knowledgeable and selective  buyers in today’s market –  there are seldom ‘second chances’
  1. Not all people realise that in the day of computers and the internet that information is available at the click of a button – and homes going on the market for the first time will have an immediate interest for a period of only 1 – 4 weeks and a verypositive  response if correctly priced to meet the market.  But if overpriced the market interest is gone and it could take anything from 5 -12 months to sell.   Ask Brooke tone
  1. Brooke Stone Properties do not employ sales people – they are Real Estate Consultants and trained negotiators –   and they will not lie to you.  They will tell you EXACTLY what the market will pay for your home.   It may be less (or sometimes more) than expected  –   but Brooke Stone will not waste time with people who harbour unrealistic dreams that their home is worth more than the public are prepared to pay.  A wrongly priced home could be on the market for 7 -12 months and can easily become a “desperation sale”.
  1. You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE !– By requesting a trained  Brooke Stone Real Estate Consultant to come and talk with you at your property.  You are never asked to sign anything and you are under NO obligation at any time.



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