Information for Tenants

The following is a list of topics that breifly covers information you will need to know as a tenant.  If you have any more questions or would like some more information regarding a tenancy please do not hestitate to contact us on 08 9301 0662.

Application – Applying for a place to rent

Properties are usually advertised on the internet and sometimes in the newspaper.  If you contact Brooke Stone Properties we can arrange a private appointment for you to view the property or advise you of the scheduled viewing.

When you find a property you wish to apply for you need to:

  • Fill in an application form
  • Provide photo identification
  • Proof of income and employment.
  • Supply any rental references and character references.
  • Sign privacy collection statement.
  • When you apply for a rental property quite often you may be asked to pay an “Option Fee” of one week’s rent.  If you are successful in your application then this is paid towards your first weeks rent.  If for some reason you are unsuccessful then this is refunded to you.

Checking your Application

Once you have submitted your application form to the office the Property Management team will:

  • Check the application is completed correctly
  • Search tenancy databases for any previous rental records
  • Check your rental / character references
  • Confirm you have the financial capacity to meet your rental obligation
  • Advise the owner for final approval
  • All applicants are contacted and advised if they have been successful in their

Upfront Costs – Moving in costs

Once you have been accepted you need to make an appointment with the Property Manager to come into the office where you will:

  • Sign the lease agreement
  • Collect the keys
  • Given a Property Condition Report
  • Pay your bond and 2 weeks rent
  • Buy a mattress protector (furnished property only)
  • Be given a receipt for your payments.
  • The bond is equivalent to 4 weeks rent – you need to pay this plus two weeks rent in advance before you move in.

NOTE: The bond is NOT rent and cannot be used in lieu of rent (ie. It is against the law to say : “I will stop paying rent – just take it out of my bond”)

The Agreement – Signing the lease

The Lease is a legally binding agreement between the Owner of the property and the Tenant.  It stipulates the set length of the contract, the amount payable, to whom the contract is binding, number of occupants in the property and special conditions such as pets, what happens at the expiration of the agreement, who is responsible for the water usage account and other items.

The Lease comes in two parts – the agreement section which is signed by the Agent on behalf of the Owner and by the tenants. The other part is the terms and conditions of the lease. Both are legally binding and you will be given a copy of each of these upon signing.  If your conditions or situation changes at any time that may affect the lease, you must notify Brooke Stone Properties as soon as possible.

The Lease Agreement and conditions comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.

PCR – Property Condition Report (PCR)

A Property Condition Report is conducted on your property – usually before you take occupancy.  This is a report which details the condition of the house you are moving into.  It includes description and photos of the number of hooks on the wall, any marks and scratches, the condition of the carpets and flooring and noting of any stains or marks, that all appliances supplied are working and in what condition they are in, light fixtures, bathrooms, ceilings, gardens, driveway, garage – everything is noted in this report and photographed.

As a tenant you are provided with a copy of the Property Condition Report before you take occupation and you have approx one week to review this, mark any notations or points you don’t agree with and return this to the office.  If you don’t return it, the original document is accepted as being an accurate record of the property’s condition as from the first day you took occupancy.

PLEASE NOTE :  This is a very important document and could save you hundreds of dollars.  Whatever is recorded on that PCR at the time you vacate will be determined as the condition when you first took occupancy.

When you vacate the property the Property Condition Report (PCR) is used to compare the state of the house when you moved in to the condition when you move out.  Any damage or marks (other than “fair wear and tear”) need to be repaired and rectified.

This document is designed to protect both the Owner and the Tenant by providing evidence as to the condition of the property before occupancy.  For example if there is a big oil stain in the garage when the tenant vacates the property – which was not there before – then the tenant may be charged for this to be removed.  However the Tenant may claim this was already there before they moved in.  The evidence is in the Property Condition Report.

Inspections- Routine Property Inspections

Inspections are regularly conducted throughout your lease term to ensure the property is being kept in a clean and tidy condition, the gardens are being maintained, no damage has occurred and that the conditions of the lease agreement are being met.

Generally inspections are held after the initial 6 weeks of moving in and, if that goes well, every three months thereafter.

Your Property Manager will send you a letter in the mail approx 7-14 days prior to your rent inspection giving you notification of the time and date the inspection is to be held.  Usually this is conducted on a week-day during office hours.

You do not have to be home during the inspection but you can be present if you choose. The Property Manager will come to your home and check the condition of the house.  If you have any maintenance issues or requests, leave a note out for Brooke Stone Properties  so we can take this with us and address your requests with the Owner.  The Property Manager is there to check the condition of the property – and do not check any of your personal items. For example they will check the oven is clean but if the microwave is yours, it is not be part of the inspection.

Upon completion the Property Manager will leave you a note, thanking you for the inspection and address any issues that might require your attention.

NOTE :   It is important that you make a note of the inspection date because if you have not made an alternative time and date at least 3 days prior to the scheduled inspection appointment – the Landlord (or appointed agent) will complete the inspection at the scheduled time.  Whatever the condition of the property at the time of the inspection will be noted and recorded against your Tenancy Report.

Vacating – Notice to Vacate

If you are on a fixed contract with an end of lease date we ask that you contact the office at least three (3) weeks prior to advise you are vacating the premises.  If you need a couple of extra days at the end of your contract then this can be arranged at this time.  You cannot leave it until after your contract expires to advise you are vacating – otherwise you will be required to provide a further three (3) weeks’ notice in writing.

If your contract has expired, you have not signed a new lease and you want to vacate the property, you need to provide 21 days notice to the Owner, in writing.  (The owner needs to provide you 60 days notice except when the property has been sold)

If you are still within your contractual obligation period and you wish to vacate, you are still liable for the rent up to the last day stated in your signed contract plus and any costs incurred by the Owner due to you breaking your contract and leaving early.  You need to notify LJ Hooker Joondalup as soon as possible of the date you are intending to break your contract so we can commence re-advertising of the property.  As per your obligation, you will be required to pay rent until a new person is located for your property (as per your obligations), plus advertising costs to find a new tenant and to reimburse the owner for the unexpired portion of the “letting fee” that the Owner paid when you moved into the property.

Responsibilities when Vacating Your Responsibilities and Obligations when Vacating

When you vacate you need to ensure the property is returned in the same condition (excluding fair wear and tear) when you first rented the property. The Property Condition Report is used for comparison.  In addition your contract will require you to have the carpets professionally cleaned by a company (agreed to by the agent – (Brooke Stone Properties) tiled areas and the windows will also need to be cleaned.  The property should be clean and tidy with no rubbish or personal belongings left behind.

‘Fair wear and tear’ is what would occur if living in a house under general, normal standards.  This would include a small scuff mark on the wall in the wardrobe, or the plants having grown larger.  Dead plants, over grown lawn or gouges of plaster out of the walls from rough treatment are not ‘fair wear and tear’.

Once you have vacated, a Brooke Stone Properties)  Manager will conduct the final inspection. You are welcome to be present for this.  When you return the keys to the office, it is deemed that this is the condition in which you intend to leave the property.  If, on the final inspection, there are items which require attention we will, where possible and practical, give you the chance to rectify the issue. However in cases where it requires urgent attention (be it the condition of the property or a new lease agreement) then contractors will be engaged to restore the property and the cost is passed onto you.  For this reason it is important to ensure you leave the house in a clean and tidy condition.

 For Answers to Further Questions –  Please call Sue Heggs 0412 160 438

OR Email (mailto:sheggs@brookestone.com.au)