Core Logic released on 24th November the latest ABS data related to employment – household incomes – and construction work completed.

· Total employment increased by 1.3%

· Full time employment declined by 0.6%

· Part time employment increased by 5.5%

· Gross income per capita increased by 2% ( But slowing down from 2015)

· Over the September quarter $46.1 billion dollars of construction was completed. But this was a quarterly decline of 10.9% compared to a 13.5% in
September 2000.

So the ‘ups and downs’ make it difficult to say if things are getting better or worse ?

But the ABS figures do indicate that more people are taking part time jobs rather than full time employment. 

Is this because employers are frightened by laws that make it difficult to terminate full time employees even if they are
incompetent ?

Wrongful dismissal court cases have risen dramatically over the last 5 years.

What are your thoughts ?

Darryl Flaherty
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