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I agree that public transport for commuters is the way of the future. BUT why spend millions of dollars on trains or light rail lines when we could buy big double-decker buses like they use in London and Hong Kong ( which incidentally have huge populations in small areas)

Buses can use the emergency lane and move massive numbers of people in an incredibly short time. Buses are cheaper and easier to maintain or even to replace. Can be diverted to any suburb in the metropolitan area with little notice – which cannot be done with light rail or trains..

Why not have car pooling sections at the train station – if you really have to take your car to work – you can pick up passengers at the “Car Pool’ section of the rail station and each person has to pay the driver the equivalent of the rail fare. (This subsidises the petrol cost)

Alternatively let cars with 4 or more passengers use the same emergency lane as the public bus service.

Alternatively – Why not be like Singapore and ban all cars from the city centre except between the hours of 10.30 am and 3.30 pm ? (Except the cars with 4 people)

I am sure there are lots of far smarter people than me who can devise ways to alleviate the traffic jams that little old Perth is experiencing – immediately before and the end of the work day.

Why doesn’t the Government harness the combined brains of the people of WA and offer a $50,000 first prise for the best idea to solve the increasing problem.

Just a thought ! Have a Good Weekend ! Darryl Flaherty